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Cedar Rapids Podiatrist William Knudson Says that Good Shoes for Children Matter

Good shoes matter, according to Cedar Rapids podiatrist Dr. William Knudson. For children, good shoes matter even more, adds William Knudson, who recently moved his practice from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Ohio. During his tenure in Cedar Rapids, the counsel received by the patients of Dr. William Knudson concerning children was that good shoes worn early in life can prevent problems later on.

Choosing good shoes for children is not difficult science, William Knudson told his Cedar Rapids patients. In fact, William Knudson specifically recommended a few options for Cedar Rapids parents to consider before buying shoes for their children.

First and foremost, according to the former Cedar Rapids “resident shoe specialist” William Knudson, you pay for what you get! Cheap shoes can equal cheap results. It is important to point out that William Knudson never told his Cedar Rapids patients that inexpensive shoes were bad. High quality shoes, William Knudson would advise his friends and patients in Cedar Rapids, can be found on sale and clearance racks. While William Knudson didn’t endorse or name specific brands, he did recommend an online search for consumer rankings and reports of quality children shoes. William Knudson said this is a quick way to determine what shoe brand best suits the needs of Cedar Rapids residents.

Additionally, the one-time resident of Cedar Rapids, specialist William Knudson, has said that arch support in shoes is vital. “I would tell my Cedar Rapids patients that shoes lacking proper arch support are shoes that are no good,” noted William Knudson. The human foot was never made to wear some of the shoes we put on it, added the Cedar Rapids podiatrist. “Therefore, arch support is crucial not only for comfort, but for long-range health of the foot,” says hospital board chair and former Cedar Rapids resident William Knudson.

Third, appropriate shoes for specific activities are important for comfort and foot health, stated Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson. “If children are playing outside, they need a shoe built for running. I often saw children in Cedar Rapids playing and running for long periods of time in 'dress shoes' and parents need to know that this is not good for their feet,” added William Knudson. The former Cedar Rapids podiatrist recommends the purchase of casual shoes if shoes are going to be worn in a casual setting. However, if the shoe is going to be worn to play and run, William Knudson suggests purchasing a shoe in which the child can do that safely and comfortably.

Finally, listen to the words of shoe storeowners. William Knudson points out that Cedar Rapids shoe storeowners typically know their products and what they can and cannot do. In Cedar Rapids, according to William Knudson, shoe storeowners who have a long history of business are more than willing to work with parents in finding good and appropriate shoes.

It’s also important for parents in Cedar Rapids and elsewhere to listen to their children, concludes William Knudson. If a child is complaining of foot pain, seems to be walking slower of different, or is irritable, it may be time for new shoes. Purchasing the right shoe, the former Cedar Rapids resident podiatrist William Knudson concludes, is crucial for the health of your child.

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